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Kids are constantly growing, falling, learning, and changing. We know this at New Leaf and we want to help them to do it as easily as possible. We know how much their little nervous systems need support and help so they can have the best function possible. We teach our bodies how to heal and that is the focus with our little leaves.

It is important to have your littles “checked” by a certified chiropractor trained in working with children. Dr. Baker checks 1-day old babies after a traumatic or non-traumatic birth to make sure they have the best start in life as possible. We know how to assess if your child is functioning to their potential. Watch the video to see what an adjustment of an infant looks like; there is no sound during the adjustment and it is very different than adjusting an adult. You and your family members can make this decision together to have your baby checked and possibly adjusted, if necessary.

Parents tell us all the time that their adjusted Lil’ Leaves and Leaves regularly experience:

  • Calm and not fussy
  • Go to the bathroom easier
  • Heal from ear infections faster
  • Sleep through the night or for longer periods
  • More connection time with mom
  • More observant and focused
  • Reaching milestones faster
  • Less asthma flare-ups

Dr. Baker is VERY passionate about children getting the best start to life so the little leaves and leaves can express their God-given potential towards health expression and their health legacy is made!

Essential neuro-developmental changes occur in the first few years of life. Dr. Baker can care for your newborn by assessing your child’s nervous system to make sure it is functioning optimally. We have seen children have great results with ear infections, colic, asthma, allergies, autism and ADHD.

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